What we offer...

  • Liaising with media proactively and reactively through the 24/7 Press Office support

  • Crisis Communications

  • PR singular strategies (eg, one-off event such as product launch or change in brand identity)

  • PR and Communications Strategy based on overall business goals

  • Marketing strategy

  • Writing press releases, feature articles, news articles, newsletters and blogs, including content distribution such as one-time email distribution of a press release.

  • Website creation

  • Package and pitch content planning – creating a concept and shaping the storyboard to offer a fantastic feature package for print, online, radio or TV - orchestrating, interviewing, organising and overseeing.

  • Custom targeting to news outlets and influencers appropriate to your story

  • Social media content planning and management, with SEO and paid search supplements

  • Providing a calendar of PR awareness days and events tailored to your business for in-house content planning

  • Media monitoring

  • Organising advertising and copywriting

  • PR Audits – We can analysis your digital data to shape your strategy and ensure it aligns with your business goals.

  • Organising events – (eg, product launch, stunt, photoshoot, filming, book launch)

  • Creating campaigns

  • Awards entries - We can research the most relevant awards for your brand and draft winning entries to get your business noticed.

  • Influencer engagement through booking and handling.

  • Video creation, photography and drone services.


Bespoke PR and Communications Strategy

PR requires creativity, originality and the ability to take a risk in order to create something that has impact. This can happen through a balance of slow burn stories

and quick fixes that create an instant burst of publicity, or through strategized approaches that sit at the heart of your company values.

With your business goals, objectives and tried and tested methods understood, we will fact-find your industry to understand what the hot topic is. Combined with our marketing and PR knowledge, we can produce a strategy that gives your business direction - with milestones pegged and objectives and tactics outlined by agreed timeframes. Armed with the strategy produced, we can advise you in how to bring its contents to life or perhaps take the reins for you.


Website development

Whatever style of website you need, we can create and manage it for you. Taking it one step further, we can also write you a digital strategy and digitally set your business up to help customers find your business easily. In order to design the website to exceed your expectations, we offer a free consultation. This enables us to get to know you and your business.
Throughout the whole design process we will keep you updated every step of the way. 


Along with your professional website we also offer a personalised email service, so every member of your team can stay

connected. In  addition to your personalised email you will also be able to share calendars, files as well as access to relevant applications.


Copywriting, editorial and

distribution services

Perhaps you want a regular blog on your website but have no idea what to write and where to start? Maybe it’s a newsletter for staff, customers or stakeholders? Perhaps a press release, news article or new copy for your website – whatever it is, we can ensure the copy not only provides its main purpose but also includes keywords and links to ensure it enhances organic traffic to your website so customers can find you easily.

Do you have company or product news that you want to tell local, national or trade press about? With a bulging list of contacts, we can distribute your story to a tailored list of journalists.


Content marketing

Ever wondered why businesses are now sharing the tricks to their trade through blogs, vlogs and the like? Content marketing is creating and sharing valuable free online content that attracts attention to your website, encourages return visits, increases your brand’s awareness and builds loyalty between you and your customer base. By releasing interesting content that will help others, people will learn from your business and keep returning for more tips, which ultimately builds trust between your company and potential customers.


Regular content with SEO in-mind enhances organic traffic to your website so customers can find you easily.

We can write targeted stories for your potential customers so that they return to your website time and time again, pushing you further up Google’s search ranking.


Social media management

Social media has become a necessary part of every company’s identity.

It will enable your company to interact with both customers and potential

customers, increase your brand’s visibility, gather market insights and boost traffic

to your website. Managing your social channels on a day-to-day basis goes a lot

further than answering direct messages. You need a social media marketing

strategy, or if you can’t do that a social media plan at least.

Creating engaging content and managing the daily tasks of answering

direct messages and comments and interactions with your posts needs to be

completed within a certain time-frame, so you need to be on your game

with social media.

Content also needs to be written in a certain way to ensure it contributes

to your SEO rankings.

Ensuring that your social media has an adequate strategy and timely content planner is key to ensure every business step has meaning and is aligned to your company goals, giving you a return on investment both in money and time spent on activities.


Crisis Communications Support

Our media officers have experience of managing internal communications to a workforce of over 7,000 when a crisis hits, as well as managing media within a court or major incident presence.

We can write and apply strategies and agreed lines before, during and after proceedings to protect the reputation of your business and its staff. With the additional service of the 24/7 Press Office, we can become an extension to your company to ensure peace of mind in all eventualities.


Influencer marketing

When an influencer talks, people listen.

Rather than someone who simply has a ‘big’ following, an influencer is someone who has the power to influence the perception of others or change their behaviour.

An influencer is a person that can introduce your product or service to their community without making it look like a sponsored ad or a paid commercial.

Influencer marketing can seem daunting if you don’t know the industry. It doesn’t always have to cost you a bucket load of cash either– let us guide you with this new strand of marketing today.

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