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Love Saves the Day PR, a consultancy founded by author and PR Specialist, Laura Pauley,  specialises in PR and influencer marketing for experience-based businesses across leisure, tourism and hospitality industries.

Since opening in 2020, Laura has increased the PR reach for one visitor attraction from 36 million to 4 billion people internationally, through print, online and broadcast media.  During a seven month period in the later part of 2020 (and during lockdown), influencer content about the company was shown 1,317,638 times, with just under 10,000 people clicking on the company’s Instagram profile and reaching 1,207,290 accounts.

Laura proceeded to deliver a successful influencer marketing strategy over the next 14 months, which helped the attraction reach a further 5,332,000 Instagram accounts.

Laura and her trusted team of associates can put your business at the forefront of people’s minds by looking at your existing business model and discovering what more can be done.

By becoming an extension to your workforce, Laura can take the time to learn your business, its goals and objectives. She will create a PR strategy that shines a light on your company, product or service, ensuring that it is relevant, timely and meets your business objectives.

With a limitless bank of ideas and enthusiasm, Laura has a proven track record of interpreting different concepts to make her clients noticeable for all the right reasons.

Love Saves the Day PR prides itself on being a remote business which means that you don’t have to pay large overheads, and instead invest in the expertise of the team Laura brings together to work on your behalf.

As well as positive PR, Laura has eight years’ experience managing the busy press and communication teams of a hospital and fire service.  She is skilled at crisis communications, working under pressure and to tight deadlines. With great people skills, she can liaise with the same press when working across positive and negative stories and can handle sensitive and high-profile issues with the ability to be both tactful and discreet in the rebuttal of headlines.

As a former journalist and the author of two books, Laura is skilled at finding a story and making it newsworthy. She understands the demands and highly competitive nature of the leisure, hospitality, and tourism industries – as well as the world of PR and media. Offering a range of affordable packages, as your retained partner, Laura can take the time to learn your business and deliver measurable results for the work that she puts in. 


Are you an influencer looking for brand collaborations?


Laura represents businesses as well as individuals. Please see the influencer link below about joining the database. the Love Saves the Day’s influencer database.

How can we help your business? 

PR requires creativity, originality and the ability to take a risk in order to create something that has impact. This can happen through a balance of slow burn stories and quick fixes that create an instant burst of publicity, or through strategized approaches that sit at the heart of your company values. 

Bespoke PR and Communications Strategy 

Why does your business need a PR strategy?  

Do you have company or product news that you want to tell local, national or trade press about? With a bulging list of contacts, we can distribute your story to a tailored list of journalists.   

We can write and apply strategies and agreed lines before, during and after proceedings to protect the reputation of your business and its staff. With the additional service of the 24/7 Press Office, we can become an extension to your company to ensure peace of mind in all eventualities. 

When an influencer talks, people listen.  Rather than someone who simply has a ‘big’ following, an influencer is someone who has the power to influence the perception of others or change their behaviour.  People talk with people, not with brands. That’s where brand marketing faces a challenge: how do you talk with your audience?  Not as a brand but as the person you are? 

Ever wondered why businesses are now sharing the tricks to their trade through blogs, vlogs and the like? Content marketing is creating and sharing valuable free online content that attracts attention to your website, encourages return visits, increases your brand’s awareness and builds loyalty between you and your customer base.

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