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PR is not just about firing off a press release or handling crisis management. It’s about the long game of obtaining positive publicity and putting your business at the forefront of people’s minds. It’s about looking at your existing business model and discovering what more can be done.


Becoming an extension to your workforce, we will take the time to learn your business, goals and objectives to create content that will empower your in-house team. We can write blogs for your website that will drive your SEO search, or perhaps draft a strong marketing and PR strategy that implements tactics to make you stand out. Perhaps there has been a national epidemic and you need to rapidly change the model of your business. Whatever the task, we want to give you the best return from your marketing spends - and finding a newsworthy hook for your latest product or service is our specialty. 

With a limitless bank of ideas and enthusiasm, we have a proven track record of interpreting different concepts to make our clients noticeable for all the right reasons. We pride ourselves on being a remote business which means that you don’t have to pay large overheads, and instead the expertise of the team we bring together to work on your behalf.

How can we help your business? 

PR requires creativity, originality and the ability to take a risk in order to create something that has impact. This can happen through a balance of slow burn stories and quick fixes that create an instant burst of publicity, or through strategized approaches that sit at the heart of your company values. 

Bespoke PR and Communications Strategy 

Why does your business need a PR strategy?  

Do you have company or product news that you want to tell local, national or trade press about? With a bulging list of contacts, we can distribute your story to a tailored list of journalists.   

We can write and apply strategies and agreed lines before, during and after proceedings to protect the reputation of your business and its staff. With the additional service of the 24/7 Press Office, we can become an extension to your company to ensure peace of mind in all eventualities. 

When an influencer talks, people listen.  Rather than someone who simply has a ‘big’ following, an influencer is someone who has the power to influence the perception of others or change their behaviour.  People talk with people, not with brands. That’s where brand marketing faces a challenge: how do you talk with your audience?  Not as a brand but as the person you are? 

Ever wondered why businesses are now sharing the tricks to their trade through blogs, vlogs and the like? Content marketing is creating and sharing valuable free online content that attracts attention to your website, encourages return visits, increases your brand’s awareness and builds loyalty between you and your customer base.